Low Radiation Dental X-Rays in Concord, MA

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Dental x-rays are integral to dental care. X-rays allow dentists to gather insights into your oral health that are hidden to the naked eye. Thanks to the pertinent information obtained from dental x-rays, our dentist can create a personalized treatment plan that addresses all your needs.

At Concord Woods Dental Group, we have invested in digital radiography, or digital dental x-rays, to ensure excellent service and comfort for our patients. Many years ago, patients who required dental x-rays had limited options and had to endure cumbersome and lengthy processes. With low-radiation dental x-rays, images are obtained instantly, thus enhancing efficiency and reducing treatment times.

When Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

You don’t always need to get x-rays taken during your dental appointments. Our dentist determines if there’s a need for dental x-rays after making their initial observations. You may require dental x-rays if:

  • You’re visiting our dental practice for the first time and require a complete oral exam.
  • You require root canal therapy.
  • You’re about to get started on orthodontic treatment.
  • You require teeth replacement such as implants, dentures, and crowns.
  • You need to update your dental records.
  • You’re experiencing temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs).
  • Our dentist wants to check for early signs of cavities.

During your appointment, our dentist will use a digital sensor to obtain images of your oral cavity. The digital sensor projects images on a computer screen, thus allowing the dentist to view images instantly. You can also follow along for an unobstructed view of your oral well-being.

Digital dental radiography is swift, painless, and comfortable.

Benefits of Low-Radiation Dental X-Rays

Low-radiation dental x-rays are superior to conventional dental x-rays in numerous ways, including:

  • As the name suggests, low-radiation dental x-rays expose you to significantly less radiation in comparison to traditional x-rays.
  • Digital x-rays are viewed instantly, which shortens the treatment process.
  • Since they’re stored digitally, it’s easy to share and transfer these x-rays when necessary.
  • Digital radiography offers higher quality images. Our dentist can zoom in on problem areas and obtain insights that might remain blurred in conventional images.
  • Since they don’t require film or chemicals, digital x-rays are more friendly to the environment.

Here at Concord Woods Dental Group, we’re always happy to embrace modern dental technology that makes our patients’ experiences smoother and more comfortable. Contact us today if you’re looking for a dental office that uses low radiation dental x-rays in Concord, MA.

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