Home Tooth Whitening in Concord, MA

A perfectly white smile can help you make the right impression. Whether it’s for an upcoming job interview or another occasion, you can never go wrong with tooth whitening. Tooth whitening, as the name suggests, is the process of making your teeth whiter and brighter. It’s a safe cosmetic process and one of the quickest ways to transform your smile.

As we go through life, our teeth may lose their natural shine because of various reasons. For some, overindulgence in staining foods and beverages is the reason for their dull smile. For others, excessive smoking and certain medications may contribute to tooth discoloration. Tooth whitening works to combat everyday staining as well as severe discoloration.

You may choose to whiten your smile at home using over-the-counter bleaching products. If you wish to forego in-office tooth whitening, but still want the input of a dental professional, we recommend that you try our dentist-supervised home tooth whitening.

Dentist-Supervised Home Tooth Whitening

During your appointment, our dentist will begin by evaluating your oral health. If you have a serious dental issue such as cavities or gum inflammation, our dentist will treat this first before moving on to the whitening procedure.

Our home tooth whitening kit is made to suit your unique requirements. Our dentist will take your dental impressions that will then be used to create custom trays. Custom trays fit comfortably and are made to ensure maximum contact between your teeth and the whitening gel. Store-bought trays are usually ill-fitting and may allow the whitening gel to leak, thus causing gum irritation.

Your home tooth whitening kit includes the custom trays as well as an effective whitening gel. Our dentist will let you know how much bleaching agent you need to put on the custom trays, as well as how long to wear the trays.

Remember that you should brush and floss your teeth before wearing the custom trays.

Tooth Whitening After-Care Tips

You can ensure that your smile stays whiter for longer by applying these simple and practical measures:

  • Avoid staining foods and drinks.
  • Avoid excessive intake of tobacco.
  • Observe proper dental hygiene by flossing and brushing as required.
  • Schedule regular dental cleaning appointments with our dentist.

Don’t allow a stained or discolored smile to prevent you from living your best life. Contact Concord Woods Dental Group to experience home tooth whitening at its best.

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