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Concord Woods Dental Group specializes in treating an extensive range of dental issues, including gum disease. Flap surgery is a fairly standard procedure used to treat patients with advanced periodontal disease.

When Do You Need Flap Surgery Near You?

If left untreated, gum disease often spreads to the tooth roots, causing teeth to fall out. In the advanced stages, periodontal disease may not respond to antibiotics or scaling and planing treatments. In such cases, our dentist near you may recommend flap surgery to access your teeth’s roots.

The primary purpose of the flap surgery procedure is to allow our dentist in Concord, MA, to clean the tooth roots and repair any bone loss that may have occurred. Advanced gum disease often results in loss of bone in the area surrounding tooth roots.

What Happens During Flap Surgery?

The periodontist at Concord Woods Dental Group will perform the procedure. We will first administer local anesthetic to desensitize the area before turning back a section of the gum tissue to expose the tooth root.

Once the dentist can access the root, we will:

  • Reshape or smooth the bone so that plaque is not able to grow on the bone tissue easily
  • Transplant bone from a different part of the body or from safe, man-made materials to repair the bone

Our experienced dentist near you may place a lining on the bone to help the bone formation, and we may need to remove this during a subsequent visit. Once the flap surgery procedure is complete, the dentist will sew the gum tissue into place and place a gauze pad on the spot to stop the bleeding.

Post-OP Care after Flap Surgery at Concord Woods Dental Group

It’s natural for your gums to feel sore for a few days, and we will prescribe medication for pain relief. We recommend consuming soft foods and gently rinsing your mouth with warm salt water several times to minimize swelling.

In time and with good oral hygiene, your gums will turn pink and healthy again.

Concord Woods Dental Group specializes in flap surgeries and has brought comfort and peace to hundreds of patients over the years. To schedule your flap surgery consultation, please call us today!

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