Immediate Dental Implants in Concord, MA

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At Concord Woods Dental Group in Concord, MA, we can provide you with immediate dental implants near you. Patients looking for tooth extractions and dental implants at a dentist in Concord, MA, can find what they’re looking for at our office. Our dentists have a high level of training and plenty of experience with these procedures.

Immediate dental implants in Concord, MA, are preferred by many of our patients. Instead of having to live a few weeks with a missing tooth, you can leave the office with a replacement.

Immediate Dental Implants Advantages

There are multiple advantages to getting immediate dental implants from a dentist near you. The most obvious benefit is that you leave the office with an immediate replacement. You won’t need to go any amount of time with missing teeth.

Getting immediate dental implants helps preserve gum tissue and decreases the need for stitches. Implants are great replacement options and can last a lifetime. You’ll be getting a replacement option that will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Implants also avoid many of the disadvantages of removable options like dentures. Unlike dental bridges, teeth won’t need to be crowned to support your implants.

Getting Immediate Dental Implants

You’ll need to see us for a few visits. During the first visit, we’ll examine the damaged tooth and measure it and its surroundings. We’ll also discuss the details of the procedure and recovery with you. The second visit is where most of the work is.

The damaged tooth will be extracted carefully to minimize trauma to the gums and jawbones. The titanium screw of the implant will then be placed in the jawbone. What we do next will depend on the stability of the screw. This is impossible to know beforehand. Either way, we’re going to cover the screw with a temporary option. You’ll need to come back at a later visit so we can replace the temporary option with a permanent crown.

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