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The right oral appliances can boost your oral health and improve your overall well-being tremendously. Here at Concord Woods Dental Group, we spare no effort when it comes to crafting custom oral appliances for you. We have extensive experience in providing patient-focused appliance therapy in Concord, MA, and our greatest joy is when we see our patients happy and thriving. We want to help you overcome whatever issues that you may have—be it snoring or temporomandibular joint disorders—so that you can live a productive, pain-free life.

Sports Guards

Are you active in sports that involve falling, flying equipment, or body contact? Whether you engage in these sports competitively or as a hobby, it’s crucial to protect your teeth and gums by wearing a sports guard. A sports guard, or a mouth protector, fits over your teeth and gum tissues, thus preventing impact or traumatic injuries. Our sports guards are custom-made with your unique specifications and measurements in mind. As such, they provide superior comfort and protection. Don’t gamble with over-the-counter mouth guards. Come to Concord Woods Dental Group for well-fitting, custom sports guards.

Snore Guards

For patients who snore, snore guards are usually a much welcome reprieve. Snoring causes distress both to the sufferer as well as their partner. Snoring occurs when the airways become blocked as a result of the collapse of the soft palate or throat muscles. Unaddressed snoring can lead to serious long-term health complications. Snore guards work by repositioning the tongue or jaw to prevent the collapse of the muscles. As a result, the airways remain open as you sleep, thus eliminating snoring.

TMJ Appliances

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) refer to any conditions that affect the health and function of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is a crucial hinge that allows you to move your jaw to chew, yawn, talk, etc. Temporomandibular joint disorders may be caused by injury, excessive tooth grinding, and arthritis, among others.

Our dentist in Concord, MA, may recommend TMJ appliances to manage your condition. TMJ appliances work to relieve discomfort, stiffness, and pain. They are an effective, non-invasive means to keep temporomandibular joint disorders under control.

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