Gum Therapy and Periodontics in Concord, MA

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Plaque and tartar are the main causes of periodontal disease. We provide gum therapy and periodontics in Concord, MA, at Concord Woods Dental Group. Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is a condition where the tissues surrounding the teeth become infected and inflamed. These tissues are the gums and jawbones.

Finding a dentist in Concord, MA, that can perform gum therapy and periodontics near you shouldn’t be postponed. The sooner we treat periodontal disease, the better the outcome for your natural teeth. At Concord Woods Dental Group in Concord, MA, we’ve been performing these therapies for a long time. Rest assured that our dentists in Concord have all the experience, training, and tools required to treat the various degrees of periodontitis.

Conservative Therapy

Instead of jumping to surgery, we prefer to try conservative therapy for most patients. Patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease can respond incredibly well to conservative therapy. Since plaque and tartar are the things that cause periodontal disease, removing them will be the first step in treatment.

We perform scaling to remove plaque and tartar attached to the teeth and gums. Root planing is used to smoothen the roots and make it harder for plaque and tartar to reattach to them. This is a simple procedure that can be completed in one visit.

Patients with periodontal disease often benefit from antibiotics. Antibiotics can be used topically in milder cases to kill the remaining bacteria in the mouth. Patients who have severe periodontal disease will need oral antibiotics in the form of pills or tablets.


Surgery is our next option in patients who don’t respond to conservative therapy. Severe cases of periodontitis are rare, but we still see them, and they often need surgery too. Flap surgery is done to clean deep pockets under the gums. To reach these pockets, the gums will need to be elevated. We’ll suture them back in place after we’re done cleaning the deep pockets.

Patients who lost bone or gum tissue will need grafts. Using grafts, we can replace lost tissue through synthetic or natural grafts. This will require additional visits.

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