Gum Reshaping in Concord, MA

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Are you feeling self-conscious about a gummy smile or an uneven gum line? Concord Woods Dental Group recommends gum shaping to restore the shape of your gums.

We use cutting edge laser dental technology to provide perfect symmetry to your smile.

Gum Reshaping at the Concord Woods Dental Group

Gums are soft tissues that cover bone and support your teeth. Excessive gum tissues can force your teeth to appear small, short, and disproportionate. Gum reshaping in Concord, MA, is a cosmetic treatment that helps firm up the gums to fit around the base of your teeth.

Gum reshaping helps teeth appear longer and provides more symmetry to your smile. Our experienced dentist near you explains that traditional methods involved the use of a dental scalpel and sutures, and the healing time was long.

Nowadays, however, we use laser technology for quick, lasting, and attractive results. The recovery time is also significantly reduced. Please call our skilled dentist near you to know more about how gum reshaping can help you.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Gum Reshaping?

The following signs could indicate that you may need gum shaping treatment near you:

  • Your teeth are covered by excessive gum tissue
  • You have small and stubby teeth
  • The gum line is jagged and makes your teeth appear misshapen

Our trained dentist in Concord, MA, will review the health of your teeth and gums to make sure they are strong enough to undergo gum contouring. If we notice any signs of decay or gum disease, the patient will need to undergo periodontal or restorative treatment before the gums can be reshaped.

Gum Reshaping Treatment Aftercare and Recovery

It’s common for gums to feel a little sore, or you may feel a swelling that disappears in a couple of days. We will prescribe over-the-counter medication for pain relief. Our dentist also advises refraining from chewing hard, sticky, hot, and cold foods.

Please call Concord Woods Dental Group to discuss how we can transform your smile. Our trained dentist uses a combination of experience and skill to provide exceptionally precise results.

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