Root Canal Treatment: Procedure and Benefits

Root Canal Treatment: Procedure and Benefits

May 01, 2021

The pulp inside your tooth contains blood vessels and nerves. It is the most intricate part of the tooth and thus more prone to infections. In most cases, infections of the pulp are caused by deep decay, chips and cracks, and repeated dental treatments. You can recognize pulp infection through swelling of the tooth, visible injury, painful tooth or gums, and visible damage.

Root canal treatment is essential to help combat tooth-related problems without using expensive and complex bridges or dental implants. Besides, root canal therapy saves your natural teeth and restores pain-free functionality.

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The Procedure of a Root Canal

If you have a tooth infection or decay, it’s always the right time to consult a dentist. The sooner you visit the dentist, the higher the prospects of success. However, the chances of success depend on the amount of damage to the tooth.

At your dental appointment, your dentist will assess the infection’s extent and recommend root canal therapy if suitable. The dentist may take photos and X-rays of your tooth and the surrounding area to review your condition. Though the procedure requires anesthesia, it’s not complex and can be completed in a single visit.

Here is an overview of the steps:

  • The dentist removes the damaged pulp.
  • The dentist then cleans the root canal system thoroughly and seals it.

This treatment focuses on treating and preventing the spread of infection. After the treatment, you are given some antibiotics to take out any form of the disease that may appear. The material used to fill the dental pulp is a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha.

A crown or filling is then placed on the damaged tooth to protect the interior. Once the process is finished, your tooth will be restored to health.

If the tooth cannot be restored, your dentist will let you know during the consultation. Also, professional assistance is given should any complications arise during or after the dental treatment.

After the procedure is performed, you should maintain regular visits to your local dentist.

Root Canal Surgery

In severe cases of tooth decay and infections, root canal surgery may be recommended. Root canal surgery may be performed to access additional canals or fractures that cause pain and are not visible in an x-ray. The procedure may correct damages in the root surfaces, including the bone around the tooth.

Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure

  • Once the process is finished, you will be able to eat and chew comfortably.
  • You won’t have to extract the tooth as the infection will be dealt with and prevented from further spreading.
  • Your tooth will look very natural after treatment. Even people around you will not be able to tell that you had root canal therapy unless you tell them. The crown should completely blend in with the surrounding teeth.
  • This procedure can save your other teeth. If the process is not performed, the infection will gradually spread to your other teeth and may leave you with several missing teeth.

What’s the Cost of a Root Canal Procedure?

Several factors determine the final cost of the procedure. However, this treatment is cheaper than tooth removal and artificial tooth replacement. That’s why it’s important to get a root canal procedure as soon as possible so that your tooth can be saved.

Maintaining Your Results

Good dental hygiene is essential and can be achieved easily after your root canal procedure. To achieve optimal dental hygiene, it only takes a little effort. Brush your teeth regularly, at least twice per day, and floss between them daily.

Furthermore, a regular visit to the dentist is recommended. You don’t need to be suffering from a dental infection in order to visit the dentist. Most people own vehicles, and they understand that cars need regular servicing. The same applies to dental hygiene. Prevention is always better than needing to treat damage after it becomes a problem.

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