5 Unique Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

5 Unique Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

Mar 01, 2021

Your smile can speak volumes. Just a glimpse of your smile and our dentist in Concord, MA, can tell you the state of your general health. This is why celebrities pay top-dollar to get their smiles in tip-top shape. Although your smile’s appearance can play a huge role in your self-esteem, your oral health is far more important.

Issues that are detrimental to your dental health, such as cracks, chips, and tooth decay, should be dealt with so that they do not escalate.

In the past, you would have an excuse to walk around with a broken, decayed tooth due to the limited dental restoration options available. But now, modern dentistry has made cutting-edge treatments available to anyone in need. One of the treatments that our dentist near you offers is dental crown treatment.

Dental crowns in Concord, MA, are a popular treatment since they can effectively reinforce a weak tooth and improve its appearance.

Here are five facts about dental crowns that will help you understand why they are highly recommended:

    1. They Preserve Natural Teeth

Picture a crown as a hat or cap, but the only difference is that it covers a damaged tooth instead of the head. This dental prosthesis can mimic the natural shape and function of your teeth.

Dental crowns were invented as a last resort for decayed or damaged teeth before a tooth extraction becomes necessary. Tooth extractions used to be the answer back when there was no other option for restoring damaged teeth.

Now, our dentist’s top priority is to save your natural teeth by all means possible. We believe that there is nothing better for your smile than your natural teeth. However, when the situation calls for it, dental crowns in Concord, MA, can come close.

If you have a damaged tooth due to trauma or a severe infection, our dentist can salvage the remaining tooth structure. Our dentist near you will envelop a problematic tooth structure with a crown made from various materials, including porcelain and gold.

With a crown placed over the tooth, it is protected from further damage.

    1. They Can Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a revolutionary missing tooth solution. They are tiny titanium rods that are the same size as the tooth root. However, the treatment is not complete if the implant is not covered. To be effective, they have to be covered so that normal tooth function could be restored.

Our dentist near you will use a dental cap to complete the procedure. When the cap is placed over the implant, it would feel as though you never lost your teeth.

    1. Crowns Are Custom-Made

A loose crown is no fun. Many dental problems can arise if the crown is loose, such as plaque accumulating under the crown. This can lead to gum disease or even tooth loss. Not to mention, it is quite uncomfortable, and you might not be able to chew or speak properly.

Therefore, our dentist ensures that teeth impressions have been taken to fabricate a crown that fits your teeth precisely. The impressions will be taken digitally to ensure accuracy.

    1. They Replace Chunky Fillings

Have you ever had root canal therapy? If so, you’ll know that crowns are often used after this procedure. When you undergo a root canal, a filling will not keep the tooth strong and intact. If the filling is large, it can actually cause your tooth to fracture.

A tooth becomes weak when there’s a hole in it. Therefore, to protect your teeth from further damage, our dentist will fit you with a crown. This will ensure that your tooth stays intact.

    1. They Restore Teeth Aesthetically

We cannot forget that a beautiful smile is essential. If you have spaces, discolored teeth, or cracks that taint your smile, crowns can easily bring your smile back to life.

Dental crowns can restore your smile. If you need dental crown treatment, contact our dentist in Concord, MA, at Concord Woods Dental Group to schedule a consultation.

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