Microscope-Assisted Endodontics in Concord, MA

Endodontics is another name for root canal treatments. At Concord Woods Dental Group, our dentists near you can perform microscope-assisted endodontics in Concord, MA. If you’ve been told by a dentist in Concord, MA, that you need root canal treatment, it might be better to get microscope-assisted endodontics as opposed to regular procedures.

At Concord Woods Dental Group, we want to provide you with the latest dental procedures and the best outcomes. By providing microscope-assisted endodontics near you, we can treat root canal infections with minimal trauma to the gums and dental cavity.

Diagnosing Root Canal Problems

Root canal problems are usually diagnosed when a patient comes to our office complaining of dental pain. Another very common complaint is increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Based on these symptoms, we’ll start to examine your teeth. The diagnosis can be confirmed by examination, but sometimes dental x-rays are required, so we have all the information we need.

Many patients choose to delay seeing the dentist and notice their symptoms going away on their own. This doesn’t mean that there was a minor problem that resolved. Sadly, it means that the nerve found in the root canal died and can no longer transmit pain signals. We encourage all our patients to see us whenever they have any dental complaints so we can act quickly. Preserving natural teeth is one of our main priorities.

Microscope-Assisted Endodontics

To reach the root canal, we need to create an opening in the gums. By using a microscope, the opening can be small and located over the right area, so we don’t expose the gums to excessive trauma. Smaller and fewer incisions will mean faster recovery and better gum healing.

After reaching the core of the tooth, we’ll clean it and remove all dead and infected tissues. We might also irrigate the core of the tooth. Once we’re done, we’ll close it up. Most patients who get root canal treatments need dental crowns over the affected teeth. You’ll need to come back for another visit so we can cover the tooth with a crown.

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