Flap Surgery, Gum Reshaping & Bone Grafting in Concord, MA

As a team of multi-specialty dentists, Concord Woods Dental Group has the experience and expertise to perform a broad suite of procedures including flap surgery, gum reshaping, and bone grafting near you. With over 20 years of service caring for the smiles of the Concord community, the impact of the compressive care you’ll receive from our periodontist, endodontist, and general dentist ensure that you’ll receive top-tier treatment in the specialty areas highlighted below.

Flap Surgery from Our Dentists Near You

Gingival flap surgery is a beneficial procedure for patients who are experiencing moderate to severe periodontitis after non-surgical procedures such as tooth scaling and root planing have proven ineffective in treating periodontal pockets. Flap surgery is widely considered a critical procedure to help patients recover from bacterial infections, control the progress of the periodontal disease, and to maintain a healthy smile. Our dentists near you will design a customized treatment plan for your flap surgery in Concord, MA, so you’ll have all of your questions answered ahead of the procedure.

Gum Reshaping Can Enhance Your Smile

Also known as gum recontouring, gum reshaping can be used from both a cosmetic dentistry protocol to correct the shape, size, and appearance of gum tissue, but it is also used as a treatment for periodontal disease. The length of the procedure will depend on the amount of gum reshaping that’s needed, but most treatments take one or two hours. If you’d like to learn how our dentists in Concord, MA can help improve the appearance or health of your smile with gum reshaping near you, please call us to learn more.

Bone Grafting for Gum Disease Treatment

When gum disease is left untreated or other treatment modalities have failed, it can sometimes result in the need for a bone graft to help restore the strength and functionality of your jaw. Our dentists have a choice of materials that can be used in bone grafts such as a portion of your bone, a synthetic bone, or a donated bone, and we will discuss these options in more detail at the time of your bone graft consultation. Bone grafts are also often required in conjunction with dental implant treatment, so you can rest assured that bone grafts are a commonly used procedure.

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