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Why Regular Flossing is Important

Dental professionals continually remind patients to floss daily because it is very important for their oral health and overall wellness. Why? Only floss can get between your teeth and underneath the edge of your gums to remove the germs that cause dental disease: something that your toothbrush is unable to do.

The germs in your mouth cause a sticky film build-up, called “plaque biofilm.” If plaque biolfilm is not removed between your teeth, it leads to problems like cavities and gum disease.

Woman with New Pack of Floss in Concord, MA

Daily flossing is Necessary to:

Avoid Cavities and Bad Breath – Cavities often form between the teeth.  If biofilm is left untouched, it will produce a bad odor and cause demineralization of your tooth enamel.  Flossing will remove biofilm, which can help prevent the plaque from calcifying permanently into place or damaging your teeth.

Fight Gum Disease –The bacteria in biofilm cause an immune response – triggering bleeding and swelling of your gums. Brushing alone can’t fight off this serious gum infection.

Woman Flossing Teeth in Concord, MA

Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk – The bacteria in your mouth can enter into your cardiovascular system, if a gum infection is present. Flossing will help prevent your gums from bleeding, and thus, reducing your risk for a cardiovascular infection.

Flossing is a simple step to include in your daily oral hygiene routine – it’s something you should do at least one time a day.

Are you flossing your teeth regularly?

Flossing can be a hard habit to get into.  Do you have questions about bleeding gums, or if your technique is effective?  Schedule a visit with us at Concord Woods Dental for a gentle cleaning and exam.  Our dentists and hygienists can discuss your flossing technique with you – offering suggestions to improve your method if necessary. If you still hate flossing – be sure to ask us about water flossing.

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