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Professional Whitening Vs. Home Whitening

Professional vs Home Teeth Whitening in Concord, MA

If you’ve made the decision to enhance your smile by whitening, you still have a lot of choices before you. You first have to start by deciding whether you want to whiten at home or have your teeth professionally whitened in a dental office. This choice depends mainly upon what is most important to you. Concord Woods Dental Group is proud to offer you both options and invites you to consider the following comparison of at-home and in-office whitening.

Whitening In The Office

When you choose to have your teeth whitened in the office, you’ll get the benefits of having a smile that’s up to eight shades lighter within a single visit. The procedure is quick, comfortable, safe, and highly effective. You don’t need to worry about a thing afterwards!

Whitening By Yourself At Home

If you opt to try the whitening process at home, you will need to come in for a couple of separate appointments. First, impressions are taken so that custom-fitted trays can be made. When you return, the fit of the trays is checked and you will be taught the process of applying the gel to your teeth.

Matching Shade of White for Teeth in Concord, MA

Fitting Your Lifestyle

If you are looking to have a stunning white smile for that high school reunion coming up next week, then you’ll be safest getting it done in one appointment! If you simply don’t have the time in the day to wear whitening trays for the recommended time, then in-office is the way to go. If you prefer to whiten slowly so that you aren’t as sensitive and so that you can control the degree of whiteness, then whitening at home is best for you. Schedule a smile consultation with Concord Woods Dental Group to learn more!


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