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Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Fall 2015 is entering its second half, and that can only mean one thing. The holiday season is almost here! Start preparing in November to allow for a less frenzied pace later. Follow our tips for preparing a lovely retreat, and you’ll find you have more time to spend with family and friends visiting Concord.

  • Air out your house.
  • Start baking now.
  • Make them feel at home.

Air it Out

November weather can be pretty unpredictable, but opening the windows for several hours can really freshen your home. Heavy-duty late-fall cleaning can stir up dust in even the cleanest of homes, so ward off sneezes by waiting to close doors and windows until you’re finished.

Pre-Bake for the Holidays

You’ll have plenty to do as the 2015 holiday season approaches, so consider doing at least some of your baking in the coming weeks. Even if you’d rather wait to prepare certain items like your Thanksgiving desserts, baking and freezing cookies and other baked goods now allows you to focus on welcoming guests.

Towels for guests during the holidays in Concord, MA
It’s the Little Things

Your family and friends love visiting you, but being away from home for the holidays can be a little stressful. Making them comfortable is the main goal, so pick up or make welcoming items throughout November. Try these ideas for making visitors feel right at home during their time in Concord:

  • Provide a sitting area for reading.
  • Bring a nightly or afternoon tray of hot water and teacups.
  • Stuff a basket with sweets, savory treats, teabags, coffee and a bottle of wine.

Since guests may feel uncomfortable asking for extra towels or ambling out to the kitchen for an early-morning cup of joe, set up a coffee bar and an armoire or storage bin packed with blankets and towels.

Coffee for holiday guests in Concord, MA
A little extra preparation now will make the 2015 holidays less chaotic and a lot more festive. Spend the early-to-mid part of November preparing for guests, and you’ll find you have time to show off Concord and spend leisurely evenings enjoying each other’s company.

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