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Fun Summer Camps in Concord

Help your kids make the 2015 school break a truly rewarding experience. Summer camp programs are available in Concord as alternatives to plopping in front of the video game console or TV. Don’t let your young ones miss out on opportunities for growth and good, clean fun at one of the following camps:

  • Concord Academy
  • Camp Thoreau

Colorful landscape painting of trees and housesIf you want your kids to be well-rounded, consider enrolling them at Concord Academy Summer Camp 2015 this July. Children can choose from activities in the arts, athletics and academics all summer long or sample each type of activity from day to day. You just may find at summer’s end that you have a budding Picasso, yoga enthusiast or language lover in the family! The camp gives kids of varying ages a chance to discover new interests or immerse themselves in hobbies they already enjoy.

Many staffers were Concord Academy campers as children, giving them added insight into what the camp can do for youngsters. This experience aids in their ability to help kids grow based on the camp’s guiding principles of Community, Character, Friendship, and Healthy Risk Taking. The camp also offers a well-equipped site, including a gym, sports fields, a pool and other facilities to promote physical and mental health and well-being.

166 Main Street
Concord MA 01742

4 Archery Targets on grass near treesAt Camp Thoreau, individual growth is celebrated and encouraged. Character development and social interaction are at the forefront of the Thoreau camp experience in 2015, just as they were when the camp was founded in 1951. These ideals guide all interaction between campers and counselors. And with 1.5 staffers for every camper, kids receive plenty of one-on-one attention. Indoors or out, there’s plenty to do. Swimming, plays, wildlife exploration and archery are just the tip of the iceberg.

Off-site camping trips and safe risk-taking exercises help build independence and confidence. Progressive programming helps kids develop self-assurance as they accomplish segments of each activity. Campers also learn from each other during age-appropriate activities, learning about themselves in the process.

The Thoreau Club
275 Forest Ridge Road
Concord MA 01742

Help build your children’s self-esteem and confidence while they develop a variety of skill sets with summer camp programs in Concord. Don’t let the summer slip away; get in touch with staff at one of these fantastic facilities this July!

If you haven’t gotten into the office this year for your dental check-up, give us a call and we can schedule you today.

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