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Why the Emergency Room is Not a Good Idea for Your Dental Emergency

Accidents happen everywhere, even in Concord. If you’ve fallen or been injured in a sporting accident and broken a tooth – the first thing you might consider doing is going to the emergency room – especially if the situation involves a busted lip. But this might not be the best choice. Instead, dental emergencies should immediately be directed to your dentist. Why?

Tooth Cavity & First Aid Kit 3D Render

Emergency Rooms Are Not Equipped to Handle Dental Emergencies

The doctors at the emergency room will treat your pain and help you control bleeding. Unfortunately, they are not equipped with the tools or knowledge on how to save broken teeth. They will simply refer you back to your dentist after your pain is managed – treating the symptoms, but not giving you a long-term answer.

Dentist Extracting Tooth with Dental Instrument

You Could Lose Your Tooth

Some types of dental emergencies need to be treated very quickly in order to save the tooth. An avulsed (“knocked out”) tooth or large fracture can sometimes be fixed if you see your dentist within an hour. If you go to the emergency room first, your window of saving the tooth will pass long before you ever get professional dental care.

What if You Need Stitches?

If your tooth has busted into your lip – you should still give your dentist a call. Most likely your dentist will be able to treat the soft tissue wound, placing any stitches if necessary. Follow up care and pain medication will be the same you receive from an emergency room.

You will get faster, more efficient care when you call your dentist during your next dental emergency. Concord Woods Dental Group is happy to assist both new and existing patients with problems like toothaches, broken teeth and similar dental emergencies. Give us a call as soon as possible!

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