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Easing Dry Mouth Syndrome

At Concord Woods Dental, we see many cases of chronic dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia. It is caused by a decreased amount of saliva production within the glands of your mouth. Most people that experience xerostomia battle it all day long. Knowing the causes of the condition and what to do to help it can reduce your risk of dental side effects.

Extremely Dry Mouth

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Causes of Xerostomia
What causes dry mouth? You might be surprised to find out that medications (both prescription and over the counter) are one of the biggest reasons why people have dry mouth. In fact, it’s the number one side effect listed on most drugs. Other causes may include allergies, radiation therapy or undiagnosed health conditions.

How Do You Know if You Have Dry Mouth?
Symptoms of dry mouth often include difficulty swallowing, red or irritated oral tissues, increased tooth decay and mouth sores. These conditions can increase your cost of dental care and make it difficult to wear prosthesis such as dentures or partials. It can also make it difficult to even enjoy a meal.

Treatments for Dry Mouth
Eliminating dry mouth is extremely important in your journey to preventing tooth decay.
Some common methods used include:

• Artificial saliva drops
• Special mouthrinses or toothpastes
• Sprays
• Frequent hydration with water

Please do not try to stimulate saliva production by sucking on mints or gums without first asking your dentist as these may actually increase how quickly your teeth develop cavities. Also be sure to avoid mouth rinses that contain alcohol, as these can dry your mouth out further. During your visit to Concord Woods Dental Group we will discuss your risk factors, medical history, examine your mouth and determine what methods will be the most successful for your oral health. Call us today to schedule your comprehensive exam and preventive cleaning to freshen up your smile and enjoy a healthier mouth.

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