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Computer Guided Implant Dentistry

Computer Generated Dental Implant Diagram

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Modern dentistry has never been better! Now, thanks to computer-aided therapy, dental implant patients can experience the most advanced care possible at Concord Woods Dental Group. The benefits make treatments more predictable, shorten recovery time, and make implant therapy an option for a greater number of people.

Greater Accuracy

With computer guided implant dentistry, your implant dentist can install the prosthetic implant root with extreme accuracy. If the patient has better bone in one area than another, the computer uses that data to help pinpoint exactly where the implant should be placed. Rather than going off of 2-dimensional radiography, the dentist has virtual 3D data that specifies exactly where the implant will be most successful when it comes to stability.

Shorter Treatments

Traditional dental implant procedures require a longer appointment, because of how accurate the manual placement process must be. With computer guided implant dentistry, the procedure is much shorter. In fact, even the recovery time is greatly reduced! Since these guided placements maximize existing bone density, it is quicker to achieve idea osseointegration around the new implant. The results are a more secure implant tooth that can support prosthesis much sooner.

More Options

Some patients are turned away by their dentists because they have poor bone structure, making more precision needed for the implant procedure. Concord Woods Dental Group helps make implants a reality for nearly everyone, thanks to our on-site computer guided implant equipment. The therapy can be used to help you replace one tooth or replace several all at once!

Even if you’ve been told that you’re not an implant candidate, computer guided implant therapy could change that. Just a simple 3D scan is all that is needed to determine if dental implants are a reality for your smile. Call Concord Woods Dental Group to find out more.

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