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3 Popular Places to Get Pie in Concord

Pie offers a delicious slice of life any time of year. In December, though, the offerings get even more enticing with special seasonal flavors. Delight your taste buds at your Concord pie paradise of choice with our 2015 best-of list.

  • Verrill Farm
  • Merchant’s Row at the Colonial Inn
  • Concord Teacakes

Fresh Apple Pie in Concord, MA from Verrill Farm

Verrill Farm has a reputation for outstanding pies. You might associate pie stands with summer, but this farm offers up tasty pies all year round. Want a classic apple pie for a Sunday-evening meal this winter? They’ve got ’em. Need to wow guests at your 2015 holiday parties? Try the farm’s scrumptious Kentucky bourbon-pecan pies. Bring home farm-fresh baked goods in the middle of December with a trip to Verrill Farm.

11 Wheeler Road
Concord MA 01742

Chicken Pot Pie from Merchant's Row at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA

Enjoy your favorite dessert in a lovely setting with a trip to Merchant’s Row at the Colonial Inn. From Boston Cream Pie to chicken pot pie, this place serves up heaven on a plate. The colonial charm and expert service are the icing on the cake.

48 Monument Square
Concord MA 01742

Whether you stop in for a slice or have your December parties catered, Concord Teacakes is a reliable source for amazing pies, cakes and other goodies. From your favorite fruit flavors to pumpkin pie for the 2015 holiday season, you’ll love everything on the menu at Concord Teacakes.

59 Commonwealth Avenue
Concord MA 01742

Whether you need the area’s best desserts for December dinners or just want to satisfy a nagging sweet tooth, Concord bakeries and restaurants have what you need. Visit the local destinations on our list the next time you’re in need of a sweet finish. You’ll find the perfect pie for every occasion during the 2015 winter holidays and throughout the year.

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